Infrastructure - Tidying the clutter. Taming the chaos!

The Problem

Access to firewall, router and switch ports was blocked by the many network cables running infront of the equipment. The rack door could not even close.

Our Involvement

In this case, we undertook the task to tidy the rack up and tame the chaos.

The Root Causes

  • Inadequate initial rack installation.
  • No management of change policy. Elecrticians, CCTV Techinians and PBX Administrators would do as they like with the rack.
  • Lack of clear Asset Ownership and Asset Responsibility assignment.

The Solution

Intellinet assigned the task to one of its Engineers, who removed nearly everything from the rack and after a few hours of cataloging and recording patch panel to equipment port relationhips, everything was put back and the results speak for themselves. Access to the rack is now controlled and under strict supervision.

Who We Are:

A Team of Information & Communication Technology Enthusiasts. Specialists with passion at work. People you can count on!

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