Cybersecurity - A Ransomware Case

The Incident

Files and folders were encrypted over night and the malware infected about two thirds of the company's servers. The next day business was at a halt.

Our Involvement

In this case, we assisted the local IT administrator in assessing the situation and calculating the damages. Our forensic analysis revealed both the how and the when of the attack and we even managed to get the data back. Subsequently, we were called to undertake the task of desinging and implementing a new efficient security plan.

The Root Causes

  • Poor perimeter defences
  • Mediocre Antivirus software
  • No Advance Malware Protection
  • Bad design of the internal local area network
  • Poorly implemented port forwading rules
  • Lack of user awareness

The Solution

Intellinet designed and implemented a robust plan which involved the restructuring of the whole network in terms of security all the way up to Layer 7. Our Engineers delivered military grade protection level and have been monitoring the system ever since, without a single incident ever occuring again.

Some Screenshots

Real life / Actual Project screenshots:


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