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Our Services

Beyond Mastery

ICT Infrastructure Support

From designing to building and maintaining a certifiable and compliant infrastructure.

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ICT Cyber Security

Protecting organizational assets, business continuity and reputation from digital attacks.

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ICT International Standards

Integrating diverse and complex ICT technologies via standardization compliance

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ICT Law Consultancy

From licensing matters consulting to supporting and providing advise on complex cases in or out of court.

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Our Mission

  • Our growth and expansion is based upon the company’s management commitment for continuous capital investment and training in state-of-the-art tools and techniques.

  • We recognise our strength in, and the importance of, the further development and improvement of our systemic approach both to introducing solutions and to act as catalysts in a complicated chemical reaction that involves change.

  • Our activities are to be driven primarily by proprietary developments, and supported by complementary strategic alliances related to technology and products.

  • We believe that true innovation is the result of a process in which market pull and technology push are both important.

  • We work in cross-functional teams in which we involve suppliers as well as customers to form an unbroken chain of trust.

  • We work with processes in which competences are leveraged over divisional, geographical and functional borders.

  • Our organisational focus is on recognising the regions' different operational demands that lead to a co-ordinated decentralisation.

  • We believe in a structured innovation process that allows freedom with accountability.

  • Our integrated turn-key solutions are designed and developed with the ultimate aim of adding more value than cost.

Our Work

  • Cybersecurity - A Ransomware Case

    When dealing with viruses and ransomware in particular, protection and user awareness is always a must have. However not all is always lost even when it seems to be.

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  • Infrastructure - Tidying the clutter. Taming the chaos!

    IT Departments are usually short of time. It's always easier to plug a cable and just leave it hanging there than to properly install it. The result is usually a chaotic rack and often a cluttered server room. This case was no different.

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Our Performance

Over the last three years
and since our ticketing system became the main platform for customer requests:

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Who We Are:

A Team of Information & Communication Technology Enthusiasts. Specialists with passion at work. People you can count on!

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